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How Fabrication Serves The Oil & Gas Boom

How Fabrication Serves The Oil & Gas Boom In past articles we’ve discussed the oil and gas boom and its effect on the economy of the Gulf Coast Region as well as potential it has given the country to become energy sufficient. The exponential oil and gas growth has also extended to the petrochemical and industrial sector as a whole as the abundance of resources bring down costs. These exciting developments offer the country many advantages and may even help to shore up the US economy during uncertain economic times. However, the boom has also placed massive demands on the infrastructure...

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Manifolds In Oil and Gas

Manifolds are used extensively throughout the oil and gas industry for the distribution of gases and fluids. They are designed to converge multiple junctions into a single channel or diverge a single channel into multiple junctions. Simple manifold systems typically are used to divide one supply input to multiple outputs, while more complex systems incorporate integral valves or an electronic network interface. The specific features of a manifold will largely be determined by the specific application it is to be used in. In the oil and gas sector, manifold systems are used within exploration, development and production phases, particularly in wells using surface...

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Baker Hughes: US rig count up 2 units to 1,048

The US drilling rig count reached 1,048 units working for the week ended July 27, up 2 rigs from a week ago, according to Baker Hughes data. The count is up 90 units from this time a year ago when the count stood at 958. Offshore units were down 1 from last week with 16 rigs working. A total of 1,030 rigs were drilling on land, up 6 units from last week. The number of rigs drilling in inland waters dropped 3 units to 2 units working. US oil-directed rigs were up 3 units to 861 and up from the 766 rigs...

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